Final 2018 Juniors Challenge Ladder

Congratulations to all our juniors for making our summer tennis training a success!

We learned not only the fundamentals of how to hit but also the rules/etiquette of scoring and behavior. We developed a dynamic challenge ladder and positions were highly contested. See photo below.

Special shout out to David, Isabel, Kenny & Pablo who joined the USTA and represented our group in the August tournament at Spencer Love! There are a couple more entry level USTA tourneys in town during September. Please let me know if your child would like to participate.

In the immediate future we have competitive opportunities for Junior Team Tennis. For this league, matches are Sundays at 1pm or 2:30 and will be both singles and doubles play. The season starts September 16th and runs 6-8 weeks.

So many of our players made great strides this summer. I’m eager to continue the momentum. Thank you for your support of junior tennis at Lawndale!


Final 2018 Juniors Challenge Ladder