About our Swim Team

Young people ages 4-18 are invited to join the GSA swim team known as The Lawndale Lizards. With excellent coaching and daily practices, swimmers improve their strokes, conditioning, and lap times while building lasting friendships. There is a big emphasis on fun because that’s what summer swimming is all about!


Swim team practices are intended to be fun and educational. It is essential that anyone participating on swim team MUST be able to COMFORTABLY swim the full length of the pool, tread water for 1 minute, and put their face in the water.

Coaches teach and work on all strokes as well as starts, turns, stops and swim meet rules and will have swimmers swim laps to develop endurance. For anyone wanting to have their swimmers “warm-up” prior to the start of our summer season, several year-round teams offer special programs and rates to do so.

Schedules: Refer to our calendar page for practice and meet schedules.


Our Lizards depend on a super team of volunteers to make our swim season as smooth, fun, and successful as it is. “Many hands make light work”…and the meets go by faster! Lawndale has a reputation for outstanding volunteer support and as a result has been a mentor for new teams joining the CSA in an effort to show them the ropes and get them off to a good start.

Please stay tuned to find out more on how you can volunteer and remember to start by signing up on your Swim Team registration form!

Private Coaching/Lessons

Whether or not your child is participating on swim team, if you feel that they could benefit from some more individualized attention or if they would like to focus on a specific element of stroke development, this is just the thing for you! Many of our lifeguards and coaching staff offer private lessons for a nominal fee. This is a great opportunity to go further than is possible in the large group team setting and to target areas of need unique to each swimmer. Once the pool opens, there will a binder in the guard shack with additional information and sign-up sheets.

Year-Round Swim Clubs

For those of you who would like to swim beyond the summer we have several teams in our area with some of our Lawndale swimmers having experience with the following:

Greensboro Community YMCA (GCY)

Greensboro Swimming Association (GSA)

STAR Aquatics

Visit the Greensboro Community Swim Association for links to even more information about the wonderful world of swimming.